Curiosity is what makes us human.  Turn that off and you don’t just kill some people, you kill the whole goddamn species” – Richard Steiner


As we race at breakneck speed into a world of genetic engineering, nanotechnology, robotics and horrendous weaponry, what limits should we place on scientific curiosity?


Robert Miller, a Chemist in a multi-national chemical corporation, has reached a crisis point in his life. He takes time out of the rat race to recover from his wife’s tragic death, and contemplate where his future is taking him. To unwind, he begins to read the biography of Richard Steiner, a physicist who worked with Oppenheimer on the development of the Atom bomb. We join Robert in the world of his imagination, as the characters in the book spring to life and take him on a journey that gives him the courage to face his own dilemma.


Footsteps is a gripping play about one man’s struggle to balance the ethics of both science and personal integrity


It was performed at the Bakehouse Theatre in 2004 by Bearly Together Theatre Company, with Allen Lyne directing, and a cast comprising Michael Baldwin, Nathaniel Davison, Petra Schulenberg, Bridget Walters, and Roger Newcombe.


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