Final Round - the novel

After the stage production of Final Round, several people commented that the story would make a good novel. I thought about this, and how it would give me the opportunity to get further into the minds of these characters, who had become like family members over the course of the writing and re-writing that goes with every stage play. This book is the result.

The story begins when Sol, a young truck driver with a turbulent past, drives his vehicle off the road into a tree in the Adelaide Hills. He finds himself with a mangled knee in a hospital bed next to Dave, an ageing pulp fiction writer and former war correspondent. Dave relieves the tedium by needling the new arrival at every opportunity. The result is a brawl that sees both men on the floor, with the petite Nurse Sarah struggling to haul the burly truckie away from her older patient’s throat.

From such an inauspicious beginning, the relationship between the two men develops, overcoming the barriers of their initial mutual mistrust and reticence. As Dave comes to suspect that, despite their differences, he and Sol share a similar dark secret, he adopts a course of action, encouraged by Sarah, that compels the younger man to face a hidden truth, and offers Dave one last chance at fulfilment.

Final Round is now available as a paperback through the publisher CreateSpace (preferred), and Amazon US. It will be available through other Amazon international sites shortly. It is also available as an ebook through international Amazon sites, e.g. in Australia, U.K., Italy, Germany, U.S. and other countries. Purchase through Amazon in your home country is recommended to minimise international currency exchange taxes. The ebook can be read on any Kindle device, or on a Kindle App available for most tablets, phones and computers.