Double Blind

Linh, a post-doctoral fellow at the prestigious Bryce University in the U.S. learns that her father is terminally ill, and takes up a fellowship at the Verdelho Institute in Melbourne to be with him at the end. She works with Carl, the Chief Scientist at Verdelho, and they investigate a possible link between Prosipone, an analgesic made by Krebs Pharmaceuticals, and foetal abnormalities.

As the research proceeds, Linh becomes worried that her co-worker has more than just objective scientific reasons in wishing to see the Krebs product discredited. She finds herself unwittingly caught up in a major scandal, and the steps she takes to extricate herself have consequences for her career, and for everybody else at the Verdelho Institute.


Double Blind is now in the final draft stage, and will be available from Amazon in the near future.