Don't Be Afraid of Physics: Quantum Mechanics, Relativity and Cosmology for Everyone

After our experience with "Physics: the Ultimate Adventure", Pier Paolo and I decided to collaborate on another Physics book. This time, Angelo declined to be involved, as he was still active in research, and too involved in other projects. Our intention was to present the most exciting topics in modern physics in a way that could be understood by anyone. We included short stories at the start of each chapter to introduce some of the concepts that were to follow. Also, the philosophical ideas underpinning science, and physics in particular, were discussed in the opening chapters. The book was to be rich in anecdotes to pique the interest of non-specialists.


As one reviewer put it: "This book is a rip-roaring, rollicking, rambunctious romp through most of modern physics, with large dollops of well-chosen philosophy and humor added to the mix."


The end result of our collaboration is the book shown above, which was published in 2021 by Springer in their Popular Science series. It contains no mathematics, and is aimed at the intelligent non-specialist reader.

The book is available from Springer at Springer Book or from Amazon at U.S. Amazon or Australian Amazon

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