Adelaide Fringe Festival Production of "Final Round"

In association with Spotlight Theatre Company, South Australian Writers' Theatre produced

"Final Round" for the Adelaide 2010 Fringe Festival.  The play was directed by Martin Christmas,

 with Michael Baldwin, Cassandra Kane and Nathan Porteus

comprising the talented and enthusiastic cast.


From Director, Martin Christmas: 

"In life, we are all on separate journeys and only when the journeys collide, such as a stay in close proximity

 in a hospital ward, is some of this internal reality revealed to others. Being a bit of a gypsy most of my life,

journeys have always fascinated me. I see the time that we spend with others as way stations, as moments

 when journeys collide and we either become enriched or just move on to the next connection. "Final Round has

a surprising amount of comedy written into the drama of the moment and through the device of using heightened

reality and tapping into the visual and gestural side of the script, I hope to present a dynamic and very intimate

piece of theatre to the audience."



To download in PDF several reviews of the Adelaide performance, please: Click here



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